What we sell



Our store features multiple tables filled with thousands of parts to create your own custom minifigures. For $2.50 you can choose a headgear, head, torso, and legs. We also have thousands of accessories such as tools and weapons for 33 cents each. 

Bulk Lego


Our bulk Lego tables hold tens of thousands of parts and is constantly changing as we put out new lots multiple times a week. You can pick & choose just the pieces you want and pay by the bag size.

A 3"x5" bag is $2, a 5"x8" bag is $10, and an 8"x10" bag is $20. 

Case Figures & Parts


Inside our display cases are hundreds of minifigures from licensed themes such as Star Wars, Marvel, DC, Disney, Harry Potter, Ninjago, Angry Birds, Lord or the Rings, The Hobbit, Overwatch, Ghostbusters, Minecract, Sponebob, and more. 

Our selection is constantly changing and spans figures produced across the last 20+ years of Lego production.