Temporary COVID-19 Closure & Re-opening

We had temporarily closed from March 26th to April 12th of 2020 to the public due to COVID-19 concerns.

Effective April 13th, 2020, we have re-opened with several changes to the store. On May 4th 2020, we made further changes which included restoring our pick-and-choose bulk Lego tables and build-your-own-minifigure tables. On May 16th, 2020, even more changes were made.

We are currently on our standard hours schedule of 12 pm to 8 pm Monday through Saturday.

Additionally, we've introduced the follow changes & policies:

-  We have capped our store at 15 customers total (youth and adults combined). We are asking that customers please keep their visit to 30 minutes or less if possible. 😁

- Respect a 6' distance from other customers. We have arranged the store in such a way to make this effective as possible with our limited space. 😷

- Please, wash or sanitize your hands before AND after digging through our tables. This is for the benefit of all. 😎