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Utah's source for quality Lego parts

About Us

An interactive experience at an affordable price

Our store features multiple tables where you can build your own minifigures ($2.50 each), bulk Lego tables where you can pick and choose just the parts you want (starting at $2), and display cases filled with thousands of special parts and minifigures. 

Built on quality - brick by brick

Our inventory comes from a variety of sources which includes new and used product. We hand inspect our product for flaws such as chew marks, damage, and stains while also separating out non-Lego brand parts such as Kreo, Tyco, Mega Blox, Mega Construx, Cobi, and others. 

After our  thorough quality sorting process, we wash our Lego products in a mixture of hyrdogen peroxide, OxyClean, and water.

Find us

Located in Sunset on the north side of Clearfield. We are just south of Sacco's Produce and across the parking lot from the little yellow and white Grounds for Coffee building. 

Look for our big digital sign!

Minifigure America

Brick & Mortar Enterprises 2465 N Main St Suite 12C Sunset, UT 84015 us

(801) 599-0469